You are about to do something incredible

Hand of an elderly holding hand of younger

Small things grow strong when nurtured with love

You can help by giving children a present of possible dreams and a future of hope and promise. You don’t need to be in Cambodia to help our kids; you can make a real difference from wherever you are in the world. We are asking for your help to keep our kids smiling, to keep them healthy, and to guarantee them the future they truly deserve. A donation of any amount can make the difference.

How to help

Bright Hope Cambodia is collaborating with the danish humanitarian organization International Child Welfare Service (Verdens Børn). Through them it’s possible to be a Child Sponsor or a Project Sponsor.

Child Sponsor: 
Support one child’s education
Cost: DKK 210 / USD 32 monthly
You get a sponsor certificate and a picture and short description of the child who’s education you are sponsoring.

Project Sponsor: 
Support medicine, food and operation.
Cost: Minimum DKK 100 / USD 15
You get a sponsor certificate with a short description about the Group Home and BHC.


International Transfers: 

Bank: ABA Bank Cambodia
Account number: 000430439
Account name: Bright Hope Cambodia
Currency: US Dollars

Please send a confirmation email to to inform us of your payment.  Bank Statements do not always show the details of the donor.

Local Transfers:

Bank: ABA Bank Cambodia
Account name: Bright Hope Cambodia Organization
Account number: 000430439

Make a donation online via Western Union to Cash Pick Up in Phnom Penh

Send an email to saying you want to make a donation and we will provide you with the information you need to make the transfer.