Bright Hope Cambodia programs

We work with three core programs, providing what’s necessary for vulnerable children to grow and develop in a successful safe way, in order to have the best opportunities in life

Every child is different and has different needs - it’s our goal to meet these

Group Home

The Group Home is a safe place that can accommodate children who are either orphans or have relatives who can’t take care of them. The Group Home offers a safe place for the children’s development. The children will get the right education, the right medicine and care. At the Group Home, there will be several caregivers working to take care of these children 24/7, providing the children with food and care. 

Our goal is to give these children the best opportunities in life. We want to provide them with the necessary tools and skills to become independent and reintegrated into society.


The best upbringing for a child is to live with its family, considered they can provide a safe environment. Therefore, we aim for the children to stay with their families and then we can provide them with the necessary support at home. If the child lives near the Group Home and if they meet the requirements, we will provide them with daycare. We will contribute for the family to stay together. Each family is different and need different kind of support. 

Daycare is a safe place for children with families. It’s the same place as the Group Home and here we will provide the children with the same care as the children living in the Group Home, except these children can go home and sleep.

Home-Based Care

Children living far away from Phnom Penh and lacking support are eligible for home-based care. This consists of regularly visits, check-ups, medicine support, and the help they need to make a living without struggles.

Further information

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